Zucchini & Leek Fritters.

It’s almost zucchini season! I planted some zucchini seeds this weekend to grow seedlings which I’ll then trans-plant (!) to my garden once they’re big enough.

ZucchinI are one of my favourite things to grow at home because 1. they’re sooo easy to grow & 2. you can do so many different things with zucchini!

These fritters only require 3 ingredients, take a few minutes to make & they’re so yum!




- 2 large zucchini

- 1 leek

- 2/3 cup plain flour (buckwheat for GF or rye, spelt, wholegrains)

- salt & pepper


- Grate the zucchini

- Slice the leek into quarters lengthways then finely slice into small pieces

- Place all veggies into a bowl then mix in the flour, salt & pepper

- Adjust the texture by adding in a little more flour or a splash or water. This will depend on the size of your zucchinis

- Heat a thin layer of extra virgin olive oil in a frying pan then spoon the batter into the pan

- Once you can see the edges turning golden, flip with a spatula or egg flipper to cook on the other side, press down on the batter slightly

- Repeat with the remaining batter until all cooked