Simple Butter Bean Salad.

This is a last minute lunch idea that takes minutes to make. When I first made this I was actually surprised at how good it was! My girls love it too so I now it's a regular in our house!

This is a balanced salad with a good source of protein, fats, carbohydrates, fibre and nutrients. This would be a great meal prep salad to add as side for frittata or pasta dishes too.




- 1 tin butter beans

- 1/2 red capsicum

- 6-10 cherry tomatoes

- A small handful of fresh basil

- A small handful of fresh parsley

- This salad dressing

-> Red onion would also be nice in this but I leave it out for the girls.


- Drain and rinse the butter beans well

- Chop the capsicum into chunks a similar size to the butter beans

- Half the tomatoes. Leave any little ones whole

- Finely chop the basil & parsley

- Mix everything together then drizzle over the salad dressing & mix again to combine

- Enjoy!