Roast Veggie Lunch Bowl.

What to do with leftover veggies... This! Cook once, eat twice...or more! Or...this could be meal prep for your lunches for 3-4 days. It'll take barely any effort but you'll be thanking yourself each day for having prepped this.

You'll get at least 2 serves of veggies here but more likely it'll be 3-4 serves of veggies! A bowl full of veggies means a bowl full of nutrition and fibre which your body, especially your gut, will thank you for!

Here I've got roasted pumpkin, Brussels sprouts and kalettes (which are like a mix between kale and Brusslel sprouts). You could also use broccoli, sweet potato, celeriac (try it if you haven't!), cauliflower, carrot, capsicum, onion... The list goes on!


All you need to do put this Roast Veggie Lunch Bowl together is...

- Reheat your veggies whichever way you like - back in the oven or in your microwave

- Add in a serve of protein. You could use leftover meats or tinned salmon, mackerel, tuna or tinned beans. Here I've used my Simple Lentil Salad

- Then add a good spoonful of hummus & sprinkle with chilli flakes. You could also add on some of my Crunchy Salad Topping for added crunch