Tamari Tempeh with Tahini.

This was inspired by ‘Mostly Greens with tahini’ …the only thing I order at Vegie Bar, the iconic vegan restaurant in Melbourne. Everything there is amazing but Mostly Greens is my fave!

This tempeh is dead simple to make...you only need 3 ingredients! The tahini sauce...is tahini! I thin mine out with a little water to make it more saucy. But that's basically it!!

I meal prep this tempeh and eat it for lunch for a couple of days... The tempeh is only 300g so it'll make 2 lunches but double the recipe to make 4 lunches.





- 300g pack of tempeh

- 2 tbsp tamari

- 1 tsp garlic powder

Optional: a good shake of cayenne pepper

Tahini sauce

- 1tbso tahini

- a splash of water


- Preheat your oven to 180C

- In a mixing bowl, add the tamari and garlic powder then mix well

- Slice your tempeh into cubes or triangles (I slice mine all the way through the middle to make the triangles thinner as well) then add to the bowl with the dressing & mix gently so the tempeh is coated

- Transfer to a lined baking tray, spread out evenly & bake for 20-30 mins

- To make the tahini sauce just mix the tahini & a little water in a small mixing bowl

- I served mine with brown basmati rice, pickled carrot, cucumber, kimchi & kale

- This pickled onion also goes really well with this!

- Optional: sprinkle with sesame seeds.