Buckwheat Pancakes.

I have a massive dislike of pancake mixes because pancake batter is so easy to make! All you need are 3 ingredients if using self-raising flour or 5 if using plain flour. Plus...you know exactly what is in your pancakes when you make them from scratch! I'm sure there are added sugars, flavours, preservatives and other gross stuff in ready made pancake mixes that you don't want or need in your food.

This is a really simple pancake recipe using buckwheat flour which means it's also gluten free. Whilst we're not entirely a gluten free family, I like to mix up the grains we eat so that we're getting a range of nutrients and fibres from our food. I love buckwheat because it's easy to find and to use. You can use it really easily in place of wheat flour. Buckwheat flour doesn't have added raising agents so it's not self-raising, it's plain. That means there are 5 ingredients in this recipe. Easy!




- 1 cup buckwheat flour

- 1 tsp baking powder

- 1 tbsp flax meal (linseeds)

- 1 cup milk of choice

- 1 tsp apple cider vinegar


- Mix the dry ingredients in small bowl.

- Mix in the milk then the apple cider vinegar last as it reacts with the baking powder to make the pancakes fluffier.

- Heat a pan on the stove over a low-medium heat and melt in a little coconut oil or olive oil so that the pancake batter doesn't stick. Pour in small amounts of the batter into your pan.

- Once bubbles form over the tops of the pancakes flip them to cook on the other side.

- Transfer to a plate then repeat until the mix is all cooked.

- Eat with your fave toppings.