Super Simple Ice Blocks.

Here are 2 recipes for you... If you have the ingredients then you should probably go & make these now because the quicker you make them the quicker you'll be enjoying them! One flavour is mango and the other is...chocolate obviously!

A gelato shop opened up near us a month or so ago and we've been enjoying ice creams 1-2 times a week but as it warms up my girls have been asking for ice cream more and more. I'm more than happy for them to be eating these types of ice-cream ice-blocks every single day! They love them! We will definitely still be going to the gelato shop too though!



Ingredients for mango

- 1 mango

- A splash of coconut water (or just water!)

Ingredients for chocolate

- 2 ripe bananas

- 1 tbsp cacao powder

- A splash of milk of choice


- Blitz all ingredients in your blender, food processor or whatever you have

- Pour into ice cream moulds (these can be picked up from anywhere...Ikea, Kmart, Target...)

- Place in your freezer to freeze! They'll take a few hours or even overnight.

- EAT!