Smashed Avo + Chickpea Toast.

Avo toast is good but Smashed Avo + Chickpea Toast is awesome! Chickpeas add a source of protein to create a more balanced meal.

Once you‘ve made you smashed avo + chickpea mix you’re prepped & ready for a couple more lunches too.



In the video I made half the amount of the recipe because Poppy doesn’t like avocado so I smashed her chickpeas with feta & olive oil. I made this toast is for Ivy & she loved it!


- 1 tin of chickpeas

- 1 ripe avocado

- The juice if 1/2 lemon

- Salt & pepper

- Bread or toast + other toppings/fillings


- Drain & rinse your chickpeas & add to a bowl

- Add the avocado

- Squeeze in the lemon juice

- Add salt & pepper

- Mash together with a fork

- Add to your toast however you like. Ivy had hers like in the video as a toasted sandwich with spinach & feta. I had mine on top of toast with spinach & pepitas for added crunch.

- Keep the remaining mix in the fridge