Iced Green Tea.

The weather has been so warm in Melbourne lately. It's now iced latte and iced tea weather. Although I'm not the biggest fan of bought iced tea, I love home made iced tea because I can make it how I like which is not super sweet like the bought ones!

Iced tea is so easy to make! All you need are a few good ingredients. Green Organic Tea by Whole Natural Health is so good as an iced tea because of its refreshing mint and citrus hints. You can find it here!

Green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants which helps protect the body against various diseases. Green Organic Tea by Whole Natural Health also contains peppermint and lemon thyme which further help protect the body from disease whilst peppermint is also excellent for calming and soothing an upset belly. This green tea is no ordinary green tea! It's enjoyable whilst also providing beneficial actions to your!




To make the tea...

- 3-4 serves of tea (around 6-8 tsp of Green Organic Tea loose leaf)

- 1 litre water

To serve the tea...

- A glass full of ice

- Fresh lemon

- Fresh mint

- Fresh cucumber stick


- Brew your tea as you normally would

- Place in a glass jar/bottle and chill in the fridge

- Serve in your glass with ice, lemon, mint and cucumber

- Enjoy!

PS- This would also be excellent with a shot of gin!