Fresh mint tea.

Mint (or peppermint) is a herb which can take over your garden. For some this might be a problem, for me it's a dream! I love nothing more than my garden being over-run by herbs. I use herbs Min just about every meal I make. Mint is a herb that can be used in so many ways. This is one of my faves.

I'm sure you've had peppermint tea before, but you may not have had fresh mint tea. Tea made with fresh herbs bring with them vitality and life from the live plant. It has an extra fresh flavour and is a little more mellow.

Mint is a wonderful tea to drink if you have a cold as the menthol it contains can reduce the production of mucous and help to fight off bugs. Mint also has a great affinity for the digestive system being able to calm a bloated tummy by relaxing the muscles. It's an excellent aperitif following a meal for this reason.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine mint is thought of as being a cooling food which means it has a cooling affect on the body. If you like to drink tea in warmer months, mint tea is an excellent choice due to this cooling affect.




- A handful of fresh mint leaves

- Just boiled water


- Add the mint leaves to a tea pot or mug & pour over the boiled water

- Leave to infuse for 3-5 minutes

- Strain & enjoy