Coconut Iced Coffee.

For when you want coffee but you also want to stay hydrated... (which is kind of contradictory when coffee is a slight diuretic effect on the body. But still, a better choice:) )

Don't get me wrong, I do looooove regular iced coffee but this makes a nice change from milky ones. I top this iced coffee with coconut water rather than milk AND I also add a little sugar to sweeten it and it's DELICIOUS!




- 1 shot of coffee

- 1 tsp of coconut sugar (optional)

- Around 1/2-1 cup of coconut water (Get one that you like the taste of. All coconut water tastes so different. My favourite is Raw C)

- You'll also need a nice glass jar (coffee tastes better from a jar...FACT!) with ice


- Mix the sugar into the shot of coffee

- Pour your coffee over the ice

- Top with coconut water (the amount will depend on the size of your jar)

- Drink & enjoy!