Chickpea Burgers.

Bought veggie burgers are often filled with a whole lot of crappy ingredients and additives. Making them ensures that what you’re eating is real food that your body wants and needs. Yes, absolutely, on occasion eat whatever food you want but on the regular, eat real food!

These are made with tinned chickpeas and a handful of other ingredients in a food processor which makes this recipe dead simple to put together!

When I was cooking these I was sure that my girls were not going to like them…but they did! Phew!! I served these as a “make-your-own” style with the bread, burgers, fillings & sauces on the table so that we all added whatever we wanted to our burgers. I think that always helps to get kids eating new foods too…get them involved in it!




- 2 tins chickpeas

- 1/4 cup chickpea flour (or other plain flour)

- A handful of parsley

- A handful of coriander

- 1/2 red onion

- 2 garlic cloves

- Salt & pepper


- The next but depends on how good your foid processor is… If it’s good then just add everything in. If it’s not good (like mine which is older than my kids!) then roughly chop the herbs, finely dice the onion & finely grated the garlic into the food processor

- Pulse the food processor & Slowly add in a little bit of water at a time to help it come together. scrape down the sides as needed. Continue to pulse until it’s all combined.

- Spoon out some of the mix & shape into burger type shapes. This makes around 10 burgers

- Shallow fry in olive oil in a pan until golden on both sides

- Serve with all of your favourite burgers fillings. I had mine with feta, avocado, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, pickled onion & my Lemon & Garlic Cashew Salad Dressing