Cheese & Spinach Gozleme

Gozleme are a Turkish flatbread & we LOVE them so much. You often find a gozleme truck at markets. That's usually our first stop...gozleme, coffee then a stroll through the market stalls.

This is not at all a traditional recipe, I need to practice making the dough with flour & water but this is how we like to make it at home because it's so yum!

This is one for the kids to help with. They love to (attempt) kneading the dough & making their own lunch.

You could really put whatever ingredients you wanted on these but spinach & cheese is our fave! Spinach cooks down to tiny little bits so make sure you put as much as you can stuff in there!




- 300g of Greek yoghurt

- 300g self raising flour

- a good pinch of salt

- fresh baby spinach

- 180g halloumi cheese


- mix the yoghurt & flour in a bowl with a fork until you can’t mix it anymore then tip onto your bench & knead until it all comes together. Use a little extra flour on the bench & on your hands so that it doesn’t stick. Add a little water or flour until you get a nice dough. The amounts will depend on how wet or how thick your yoghurt is.

- weigh the dough & cut it into around 6 even balls

- with a well floured rolling pin, roll out each piece out as flat as you can get it could without breaking the dough. It needs to be a long oval type shape so that you can fold it over

- top half of the dough with spinach & crumbled halloumi cheese (you can also add a sprinkle of regular cheese. Fold the half without toppings over the top & squish the edges together with your finger tips

- heat a fry pan to a medium heat with olive oil & cook each gozleme seperately. Once browned, flip & cook the other side. Serve with lemon slices