Banana Sushi

This is not at all like sushi but banana sushi is a fun name for kids.

This is a great snack for takes very little time to make, filling & it's great for little kids to start practising their knife & fork skills with. If your kids are really little then serve with a fork. If they're a little older you can get them ti slice the banana too.

Here I've used cacao nibs & sesame seeds on top of but you can use pepitas, sesame seeds, almond meal, chia seeds, hemp seeds...whatever you have or whatever you/your kids prefer.




- 1 banana

- peanut butter

- cacao nibs, nuts or seeds for topping

...thats it


- Slice up the banana, you can slice it into rounds or here I've sliced it all the way down the middle then into little pieces ds

- Add a little bit of peanut butter (or almond butter) on top

- Sprinkle with your choice of cacao nibs, nuts or seeds