Avocado Toast with Snow Pea Sprouts.

Avocado toast is a go-to breakfast or lunch for many. It's a much more nutritious start to the day than butter and jam on toast that's for sure. By adding avocado to toast you're adding a good source of health fats which lowers the GI and slows down the digestion of the meal to keep you fuller for longer. Here I've also added one of my favourite toast toppers, snow pea spouts. Sprouts are packed with nutrition which the body is able to absorb relatively well. I've also added chilli...because I love it!

Choose a quality sourdough for your toast as sourdough goes through a long fermentation process before baking which means it's a lot easier for our body to digest than other breads.




- 1 slices of sourdough bread

- 1/2 avocado

- A handful of snow pea sprouts

- Salt & pepper

- Optional: a pinch of chilli flakes


- Toast your bread

- Spread over the 1/4 avocado on each slice

- Chop up the sprouts into 1cm pieces & sprinkle over the avocado

- Spinkle over salt, pepper and chilli flakes

- Enjoy!