Cheat's Tomato Tart.

You can absolutely make your own pastry for this tart but most of the time I use bought puff pastry...that's why this is a cheat's version!

Tomato Tart always reminds me of a little bakery in Paris called Bertrand's which is just across the Seine from the Notre Dame and right near a cute little garden where have I sat and enjoyed a tomato tart from Bertrand's with my family. I can not wait to to travel to Paris again someday and do the exact same thing!

This Cheat's Tomato Tart is really simple but is amazingly yummy! All you need is 4 main ingredients.

My girls adore this tart! The first time I made it I didn't think Poppy would like it but she wanted seconds! #mumwin

Here is a little video of my babes when they were little babes running amok in that little Paris garden I mentioned above.



- 1 Sheet of puff pastry

- 3-5 ripe tomatoes (depending on their size)

- Parmesan cheese