Broccoli pasta with artichokes & butter beans.

This is real food as medicine. This recipe includes...

Broccoli... One of my favourite foods for health. It's part of the cruciferous family which also includes kale, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and a few others. These foods have been shown to be cancer fighting as well as supporting the liver with detoxification.

Globe artichokes... In naturopathy it's also known as Cynara scolymus which is often used to support digestion as well as helping to reduce cholesterol. I buy these marinated and ready to use. When purchasing look for artichokes which are marinated in olive oil or brine.

Butter beans... Also known as lima beans. I love using this type of bean in dishes like this as they're a larger size and are similar size to the chopped broccoli and artichokes so they don't get lost in the dish. Butter beans, like all other beans and legumes, are an excellent source of fibre and nutrients. They're also classed as an extra serve of vegetable.

This is a quick, last-minute style dinner as it really only takes as long as it takes for pasta to cook! Plus it's really yummy. Your body will thank you for this dish!




- 250 g pasta

- 1 head of broccoli

- 280 g jar of artichoke hearts

- 1 tin butter beans

- a handful of basil leaves

- the juice of 1/2 lemon

- extra virgin olive oil

- Parmesan cheese


- Add your pasta to a large pot of boiling water with around 1tsp of salt

- Chop your broccoli into bite sized pieces

- Halfway through your pasta being cooked, add the broccoli in to cook with the pasta

- Slice the artichokes in half

- Drain and rinse the butter beans

- Roughly chop the basil leaves

- Once the pasta and broccoli are cooked drain them quickly so that they're still wet then out them back into the pot. Some of the water will mix with the dressing and stop the pasta from drying out too much

- Mix in the artichokes, beans and basil

- Grate over a generous amount of parmesan cheese, drizzle a generous amount of olive oil, squeeze over the lemon juice and add some freshly cracked pepper

- Stir to combine, taste and adjust with more cheese or lemon juice

- Serve and enjoy!