Designed to support your digestive and nervous systems to improve wellbeing and vitality. Includes 3 of our best selling Organic Teas + our stainless steel Tea Infuser:


  • Green: High in antioxidants which is known to reduce the incidence of some cancers. Green tea has also been traditionally used to improve brain health. This is an energising green tea blend with hints of peppermint and citrus. 


  • Digest: Designed to relieve an upset tummy and soothing bloating which may occur after a meal. Digest Organic Tea has a delicious refreshing flavour with notes of lemon and mint.


  • Sleep Organic Tea: A soothing blend of herbs to calm your mind and relax your body. Perfect for before bed to prepare for a dreamy night's sleep or enjoy during times of high stress.


  • Tea Infuser: Stainless steel, rust proof & bend proof. This infuser makes brewing a cup of loose leaf tea so simple, convenient and mess free!


Therapeutics Essentials