This tea infuser will change the life of any tea lover! It makes brewing a cup of loose leaf tea so simple, convenient and mess free.


The infuser comes with a lid to help keep the essential oils of the tea inside your cup and also gives you a place to put your infuser once your tea is ready.


As the infuser is made from stainless steel, the infuser is structurally strong and will not bend out of shape as some wire tea infusers might.

Tea Infuser

    • Food grade stainless steel that will not bend out of shape
    • Rust resistant and non-toxic
    • Fits a range of mug and cup shapes
    • 2 handles to avoid burning yourself with hot tea
    • The lid keeps essential oils in your cups of tea whilst also providing a place to put your infuser when your tea is ready

    • Place your infuser (with the lid off) into your favourite mug
    • Spoon one serve of tea into the infuser
    • Fill the mug with recently boiled water
    • Place the lid on the infuser and allowe your tea to brew
    • When your tea is ready, take the lid off the infuser and place upside-down. Using the handles of the infuser, lift it out of the mug and place it ito the lid.