These reusable tea bags make it easy for you to take your favourite loose leaf tea with you wherever you may be going. 3x reusable tea bags also come in a reusable plastic pouch to ensure your tea bags are kept safe without spilling into your bag.

Reusable Tea Bags x3

    • 100% cotton muslin tea bags
    • Use for loose leaf tea or add in your favourite herbs or spices to use in cooking
    • 3x tea bags come in a reusable plastic pouch (Ps- this pouch can be recycled with your soft plastics at your local Coles or Woolworths)
    • Simply spoon in one serve of tea into your tea bag
    • Tighten the draw strings
    • Add to your favourite mug and pour over just boiled water
    • Allow your tea to brew
    • Remove your tea bag and enjoy your tea
    • When washing up your tea cup, empty out the tea into your compost bin or bin and give your tea bag a quick rinse too

    NB: Due to the nature of cotton, some teas may stain the tea bag.