• 300 g of bath tea + a reusable cotton pouch
  • Made for Self-Care Sundays!
  • Contains magnesium to relax muscles & a specific blend of herbs to calm your mind


Specifically designed for total relaxation. With magnesium containing epsom salts, himalayan salts & organic naturopathic herbs, this is the ultimate blend of salts and herbs to soothe your body and calm your mind. 


Chamomile and lavender have gentle calming and sedating actions whilst lemon myrtle will leave you feeling supported and grounded. Rose has a wonderful effect on the skin which calms redness through its anti-inflammatory action and has been a favourite addition to a luxurious bath for centuries. 


Relax Bath Tea comes with a reusable cotton drawstring pouch so that you can place your bath tea inside and infuse your bath with the salts & herbs without leaving a big mess afterwards.


After your bath, gently pat dry and follow up with a nourishing body oil or lotion.


Please ensure you have no allergies to any of these natural ingredients as our aim is to improve the health of your skin. If allergies do exist please get in touch as we may be able alter this blend for you.


Relax Bath Tea includes the following:


Epsom salts

Commonly used to ease muscular & joint pain whilst relaxing the body. Epsom salts are high in magnesium, a vital mineral for muscle growth and function. 


Himalayan salts

Himalayan salt provides trace amounts of potassium, magnesium & calcium to nourish and relax the body.


Rose petals (Rosa centifolia)

Due to its favourable fragrance, Rose petals have been added to baths for centuries. Rose is high in antioxidants to help to heal the skin and reduce any inflammation.


Chamomile flowers (Matricaria recutita)

A favourite for many, chamomile is popular for its calming and gentle sedating effects. Chamomile is also traditionally used for its skin healing & muscular relaxation actions.


Lavender flowers (Lavendula augustifolia)

A common cottage garden flower, lavender is popular as a relaxing fragrance whilst also easing muscular aches & easing headaches.


Lemon Myrtle leaves (Backhousia citriodora)

A native to Australia, Lemon Myrtle has been used for thousands of years by indigenous Australians to add flavour to food & also as bush medicine to treat cold symptoms & stomach upset. The fresh lemon fragrance of lemon myrtle lifts helps to lift spirits and improve mood.

Relax Bath tea

  • Epsom salts, Himalayan salts, rose petals, chamomile flowers, lavender flowers, lemon myrtle leaves.

    • Add ½ cup of bath tea to the cotton bag provided & tie up so the salts are trapped inside
    • Place the bag into a running bath to allow salts & herbs to infuse into the water
    • Soak for 5-20 minutes
    • Lightly pat dry & moisturise with body oil or lotion
    • Discard herbs from within the bag after use