Hello & welcome to the Whole Natural Health website!

Are you new to Whole Natural Health? Or are you a long time follower?

Either way, thank you for being here!

I started building a website around 3 years ago & somehow (...like maybe because of raising 2 kids, studying, moving house again & again...?!) I didn't end up finishing it. But now, at the end of my degree, I thought I'd better get myself into gear & get it done! Maybe it's also because of having more time thanks to COVID lockdown restrictions :)

This whole thing began when I started an Instagram account in 2014 called Two Clean Kids. I used to post a lot of my kids' food & our family meals. But when my girls started kinder & school I began posting more of my own food as well as health information that I was learning as I studied (Bachelor of Health Science - Naturopathy). By that time it was time to change the name to something more fitting...so Whole Natural Health was born.

So, let's just say that Two Clean Kids was the baby-toddler stage, the slight change to become Whole Natural was the school stage & now...we've grown up even more! We've graduated! So please welcome, Whole Natural Health, the adult with a real life website!

Same, same...but better!

With this website I look forward to continuing to share food inspo & recipes with you as well as wellness blog posts to help guide you to your best health. Recipes will now be easier for you to save & find... Scrolling my Instagram page, I often scroll right past what I'm looking for!

Very soon, I'll be opening an online apothecary (herbal medicine shop!) where you'll find a range of teas & body products too. And, after years of learning (...those biochemistry, pathology & pharmacology subjects were tough!!) I will soon be available for Naturopathy appointments where you can meet with me & we can create a personalised treatment plan improve your health. As you can probably tell from my love of cooking, I pay particular attention to nutrition! After all, we are what we eat! I'll be offering online consultations too so I'll be able to help you no matter where you are in Australia!

Now...go & take a look. Let me know what you think & don't forget to sign up to the Whole Natural Health newsletter so that new recipes, blog posts & any other news will go straight to your inbox!

Honi x