Tuna Pasta Bake.

My girls rated this their #2 pasta which is a big call! (Pesto is #1!)

It takes a little more effort than my usual whip-up-in-minutes pastas but I’d still call this really simple to make! You will need 2 pots & an oven dish though which I don’t love. No one wants to have to wash 2 pots + an oven dish! But…the finished product is worth that little extra effort!



- 250g pasta (I used red lentil pasta)

- 1 red onion

- 3-4 garlic cloves

- 1 red capsicum

- 1 tbsp mixed herbs

- 700g jar of passata (Mutti is the best!)

- a big handful of spinach

- 425g tin of tuna

- 1 tin of borlotti beans

- grated cheese for the top


- Preheat your oven to 180C

- Finely chop the onion & garlic then sauté in extra virgin olive oil in a large pot on the stove

- Chop the capsicum into small pieces then add to the pot

- Mix in the mixed herbs & passata then simmer on low with a lid on

- Cook your pasta as per instructions

- In the meantime, drain the tuna & drain & rinse the beans

- When the pasta is almost done, add the spinach to the sauce & mix so that it wilts then mix in the tuna & beans

- Once the pasta is cooked, drain it then mix into the sauce

- Pour into an baking dish, sprinkle over grated cheese then bake in the oven for around 30 minutes or until the cheese is golden

- Enjoy with a side salad of mixed greens with balsamic vinegar