Tomatoes... Fruit or vegetables? Technically they're a fruit but we eat them more like a vegetable. Tomatoes are probably one of those most popular fruits as they're available all year round and enjoyed by most people. It's not often someone doesn't like tomatoes (although my mum doesn't like tomatoes but she doesn't like so many things which is weird because I like almost everything except celery and not a lot of meat! Anyway, back to tomatoes...)

In order to broaden the range of fruits and vegetables that you eat you can also try a variety of types of fruits and vegetables that you already like. Although the nutrient content is basically the same, it will vary slightly. Have a look at your local market, farmer's market or fruit and veggie store to see what they have. You'll often find variety of your favourite fruits and vegetables that you haven't tried before. There are often a range of tomatoes. I like to try them all!

Trying a different variety of a fruit & vegetable that your child enjoys is a great way to introduce new foods to them as well. It makes introducing foods that they haven't tried before a lot easier when they become used to trying new things.

Here is a really basic lunch idea that takes minutes to put together. No cooking required!

All you need is...

- 1 tomato (I used an heirloom variety here)

- 1/2 an avocado

- Rice cakes or corn thins

- Hemp seeds

- Salt & pepper


- Simple slice the tomato & avocado & assemble on the rice cakes & enjoy!