Sausage Pasta with Green Olives.

This dish is so easy but it's so yummy! It's perfect when it's 5.45pm & you still don't know what to make for dinner. (Does that happen to anyone else...or just me??) I'm all about quick, easy & healthy food. I don't have the time (or the patience) to be slaving over the stove for hours. Nup. No way!

All you need is 5 simple ingredients plus a little olive oil, salt & pepper for this dish. It will take as long as your pasta takes to cook!



- 2 cloves of garlic

- A handful of green olives - with the pips, they taste better!

- 4 of your favourite sausages - I used veggie here

- A big handful of spinach

- 250g pasta - shells or orecchiette work really well with this


- Roughly chop the garlic

- To get the pips out of the olives, squish them with the palm of your hand against your chopping board. You should then be able to easily take the pip out. Repeat with all of the olives

- Chop the sausages into bite sized pieces. If using meat sausages you'll probably need to take the skin off. You can also crumble in the meat if preferred. It will cook quicker that way

- Put on some water to boil with a big pinch salt... When boiling add in the pasta

- In a fry pan, sauté the garlic, with the sausages. When almost cooked, add in the olives & spinach

- When the pasta is done, drain it but keep it still slightly wet so that it doesn't dry out too much. Add into the fry pan & mix well. Season with salt & pepper. Drizzle over a little more olive oil

- Serve & enjoy!