Lemon Thyme.

Lemon thyme is an essential herb for warm weather. I don't actually think you can buy fresh lemon thyme though, I've never seen it sold anyway, so you need to buy one and grow it yourself.

If you haven't come into contact with lemon thyme before you will be amazed at its fragrance and taste. It's incredible! It's a creamy, refreshing lemon flavour. It adds that lemony pop of flavour to any dish without the sourness like an actual lemon.

Thyme is often used during coughs and colds for its strong antibacterial properties as well as being able to clear mucous. Lemon thyme has similar properties to regular thyme but is higher in a compound called citronellol which gives its lemon fragrance and flavour.

Yes, here is my favourite papaya, coconut yoghurt and raw granola bowl again with the addition of lemon thyme on top. This is an excellent way of adding lemon thyme to your meals. With fruit! It's amazing with fruit salad. If we have pancakes served with fruit and yoghurt I always add lemon thyme too.

There is no recipe here, only instructions...

  1. Stop what you're doing

  2. Jump in your car

  3. Drive directly to your local nursery

  4. Buy 1 (consider buying 2!) lemon thyme plants

  5. Go home and make a fruit salad with lemon thyme

  6. Send me a message and tell me how much you enjoy it!