Drunken Peaches with Ricotta.

Here's a last minute Christmas dessert for you that will take no time at all to put together. It just takes a little pre-prep which means no rushing right before people start arriving at your house or until you need to leave to get to your Christmas party.

This is a perfect summer Christmas dessert that makes the most of yummy peaches which are in season at the moment.

This is simply peaches soaked in white wine and served with ricotta. So simple but so yum! Keep a few peaches plain if you need to serve kids too.



- 3-6 yellow or white peaches (use more if serving more people)

- Your favourite white wine (I used a Pino Grigio as it's Italian & this is an Italian style dessert)

- 375 g smooth ricotta (the one in a tub in the cold section of the supermarket not the firmer deli style ricotta)

- 1-2 tbsp honey

- 1 tsp vanilla paste


- The way I get the stone out of the peach is to slice the whole way around the peach & then gently twist the peach around in opposite directions to break it into halves. Keep slicing around the peach to make quarters if the stone won't budge but it'll eventually come out. (I've seen chefs on telly do this & they make it look much easier than it is!)

- Slice the peach into 8 slices & place in a bowl

- Pour over 1-2 glasses of the wine & keep in the fridge until you're ready to serve it. Mix it around every half hour or so so ensure they're all soaking evenly

- Mix the honey & vanilla paste into the ricotta & keep in the fridge until you're ready to serve

- Spoon in around 6 slices of the peaches & a spoonful of ricotta per person

- I topped ours with baby lemon balm but some crushed biscuits would also be great with this. Shortbread, gingerbread or amaretti biscuits would be yummy!