Carottes Rapées (French Carrot Salad)

My girls love this salad so, needless to say, I make this a lot! It is so, so simple and takes only minutes to put together but is so, so yummy!

We often have platter style dinners where I put a few things in the middle of the table and everyone helps themselves. This is always one of those things we include.

I've also included my Simple Lentil Salad with this plate of goodies!




- 2-3 grated carrots

- 1 serving of my Basic Vinaigrette

Optional: a handful of finely chopped chives and/or parsley


- Grate the carrots however you like; with a regular grater or julienned with a mandolin or peeler

- Put the carrots into a bowl with the chives/parsley if using

- Pour over some dressing - you won't need it all

- Mix until combined

- Serve!