Bone Broth Soup.

This is a favourite last-minute dinner of mine. It basically takes as long as noodles (or pasta!) to cook. You can definitely make this with veggie stock rather than bone broth but I like the benefits of bone broth. Bone broth contains excellent amounts of collagen & amino acids such a glutamine as well as essential minerals like calcium, silicon and magnesium. These nutrients all combine to help improve & maintain the health of every tissue found in your body including the lining of your gut, your skin & joints!

I also like to add in powdered shiitake mushrooms which adds to the gut health benefits of the soup as well as immune enhancing actions. There's no need to buy expensive mushroom powders for this... Buy dried shiitake mushrooms from your supermarket or Asian grocer then blitz to a powder using a vitamin, coffee grinder, etc and keep in a glass jar.



- 1 litre of water

- 5 tbsp bone broth powder (I use Nutra Organics)

- 1 tbsp shiitake mushroom powder

- 1-2 garlic cloves

- 1 cup of small pasta or noodles

- 1 carrot

- A bunch of broccolini or asparagus (or both!)

- A small bunch of kale


- Combine the water with bone broth and powder powdered shiitake mushrooms in a pot

- Bring to the boil on the stove then add in the pasta/noodles and veggies

- It's done once everything is cooked

- Remove the garlic cloves before serving